Celebrating D-Day on My B-Day

D-Day on My B-Day

I’ll always remember that morning when my mom woke me up early on June 6, 1944 and showed me the headlines in the San Diego Union newspaper:  “D-Day…..Allies Land on Normandy Beach.” She smiled and said “what nicer birthday present could a boy ever get?” She was right, of course.

The beginning of the end of the deadliest war in history was a precious present that is forever etched in my memory. I saved that newspaper and glance at it often to remind me to live by “inclusion,” rather than by “exclusion.”

Today is a memorable day for another reason, not because it’s my birthday, but because D-Day has a new significance as the day when Denis finally went Digital and Downloadable in his profession. For much too long www.waitley.com has stubbornly held on to the dinosaur age of hardcover books, CD and DVD albums and printed, packaged programs.

I guess I would prefer a last name of “Swiftly” instead of “Waitley,” since I waited until the e-book and I-pad revolution was well underway before seriously picking up speed myself on the information superhighway.

I’ll always be grateful for the creative persistence of my colleague, webmaster & marketing guru, Andy Broadaway, who lit the torch and led me out of the forest into the digital age.

In the days, weeks and months to come, I hope you’ll visit often and share your own dreams, desires and experiences so we can all win the game of life together.

The new www.waitley.com is just the beginning of an exciting dimension in our stewardship and we look forward to upgrading and improving every day based on the feedback we receive from friends like you.

And always remember, “Winners believe in their dreams, when that’s all they have to hang on to!”


From Motivation to Motive-Action

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What is the contact information for the natural gifts testing that Dr. Waitley talked about?


You can get more information by visiting the Johnson O’Connor Website at www.jocrf.org or by contacting the location nearest you from the list below.

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